2020 Schedule of Events


(Current as of July 16, 2020)


Monday, July 6  

5:00 PM                   Dog Entry Forms due to the Fair Office

Saturday, July 11

8:00 AM                    4-H Dog Check In

9:00 AM                    4-H Dog Show-Big Barn

                                    Performance events:  Obedience, Rally, Showmanship & Conformation

Friday, July 17

5:00 PM                   ALL 4-H and FFA online and paper entries due.  No exceptions.

6:30 PM                   Crook County Rodeo Royalty Banquet-Hulett

Saturday, July 18

8:00 AM                   Superintendent's Work Day

Noon                        Luncheon for Work Day

9:00 AM                   Crook County Rodeo Royalty Competition-Hulett Rodeo Grounds

Friday, July 24

9:00 AM                   Bob Burke Days: Barrel Race, Breakaway-Arena

5:00 PM                   ALL Open Class online and paper entries due to the Fair Office

Saturday, July 25

10:00 AM                 Youth Rodeo-Arena

                                    Sponsored by crook County Horseman's Association and the Fair Board

4:00 PM                    Bob Burke Memorial Drawpot Team Roping-Arena

Sunday, July 26

7:00-7:30 AM          Horse Check-In: Arena & Horse Stalls

8:00 AM                   Horse Show

Monday, July 27

11:30 AM-5:00 PM   Livestock Equipment drop off


Tuesday, July 28

Exhibit Hall closed to the public for judging

8:00 – 10:00 AM   Big and Small Animal Check-In – Livestock Barn and Rabbit/Poultry Barn (vet check required prior to unloading)

8:00 AM – Noon   4-H, FFA, and Open Class Static Exhibits due

10:00 AM               4-H Interview Judging

1:00 PM                  FFA Static Judging

1:00 PM                 Open Class Judging

1:00 – 3:00 PM      Fabric & Fashion Judging – Shade Structure

3:00 PM                  Public Fashion Revue-Shade Structure

3:30 PM                  Mandatory Youth Exhibitor Meeting - Shade Structure

3:45 PM                  Fair Kick Off & Ice Cream Social - Shade Structure

                                    Sponsored by Devils Tower KOA and the Fair Board

4:30 PM – 5:30 PM  Weigh-in:  Beef, Sheep, Goats

5:30 PM – 6:30 PM  Weigh-in:  Swine, Poultry & Rabbits

6:00 PM                   Ranch Rodeo Calcutta-Arena

6:30 PM                   Ranch Rodeo-Arena ($5 admission, ages 5 and under free)

                                     Sponsored by Powder River Energy and C&A Meats

Wednesday, July 29

8:00 AM                   Poultry Show-Rabbit/Poultry Barn

10:00 AM-4 PM       4-H Activities-Hoop House

Noon                        Trade & Commercial Booths Open

12:30 PM                  Mark Hayward: Juggler, Yo-Yoer, Cool Guy-Shade Structure

2:00 PM                    Dog Agility Show: Sundance High School Grounds

3:00 PM                    Mark Hayward: Juggler, Yo-Yoer, Cool Guy-Shade Structure

5:00 PM                    Swine Show-Swine Show Ring

5:00 PM                    Mark Hayward: Yo Yo Workshop-Shade Structure

Thursday, July 30

8:00 AM                  Dairy Cattle, Dairy Goat Show - Big Barn

9:00 AM                  Goat & Sheep Show – Big Barn

10:00 AM-4:00 PM 4-H Activities at the Hoop House

12:30 PM                Mark Hayward: Juggler, Yo-Yoer, Cool Guy-Shade Structure

Noon                       Trade & Commercial Booths Open

3:00 PM                   Cat Show – Shade Structure

4:00 PM                   Mark Hayward: Juggler, Yo-Yoer, Cook Guy-Shade Structure

5:00 PM                   Fishing Derby – Weigh-In

                                     Sponsored by Sundance Rod & Gun Club

5:30 PM                   Mark Hayward: Yo Yo Workshop-Rodeo Grounds

5:30 PM                   Youth Rough Stock Rodeo - Arena

                                      Sponsored by Sundance State Bank and the Fair Board

Friday, July 31

6:30-7:30 AM         FREE Pancake Breakfast- Shade Structure

                                   Cooks: Crook County Commissioners

                                   Sponsored by the Fair Board

9:00 AM                   Beef Show – Big Barn (Large Animal Round Robin to follow)

10:00 AM-4:00 PM 4-H Activities at the Hoop House

Noon                       Trade & Commercial Booths Open

1:00 PM                   Rabbit Show-Rabbit/Poultry Barn (Small Animal Round Robin to follow)

1:30 PM                   Wool Show

4:00 PM                   Mandatory State Fair 4-H Attendee Meeting - Shade Structure

4:30 PM                   Guinea Pig/Pocket Pet Show (or immediately after the Rabbit Show)

5:00 PM                   Fishing Derby – Weigh-in

                                    Sponsored by Sundance Rod & Gun Club

Saturday, August 1

8:30 AM                  Bike Relay - Elementary Parking Lot

                                   Sponsored by the Sundance Police Department and the Fair Board

10:00 AM                Crook County Fair Parade – Main Street

                                    Sponsored by the Fair Board

11:00 AM-2:00 PM 4-H Activities at the Hoop House

11:30 AM                Crowning of Crook County Rodeo Royalty - Arena

Noon                       Trade & Commercial Booths Open

Noon                       All Non-Sale Animals released

3:00 PM                  Buyers and Community BBQ - Shade Structure

                                    Hosted by Crook County Farm Bureau Federation

                                    Music by Pat, Doug & Bob

4:30 PM                  All static exhibits released

5:00 PM                  Fishing Derby – Final Weigh-In

                                    Sponsored by Sundance Rod & Gun Club

5:00 PM                  Junior Livestock Sale – Big Barn